Event Requests

We love to see interest and a passion in creating an event for the Ravenscroft community. Our goal is to allow all leaders to serve to their potential. The Community Service Board has been created to allow every leader to have their event prioritized, scheduled, and mentored for success. To get onto our schedule of official Ravenscroft Events, you need to submit your plan for Direction, Alignment, and Commitment to the Community Service Board.

These tools will provide commonly shared elements for leadership:
  • Direction
    Goal and game plan, what are we trying to accomplish through the project?
  • Alignment
    Roles, responsibilities and resources - who is playing what role, what are their responsibilities?
  • Commitment
    Sparking and tending the energy required for success!

Before any event is planned, the DAC application must be filed with the Community Service Board. Cut and paste a copy of the appropriate file and share it with CSB (CSB@Ravenscroft.org)

Bake Sale Scheduling - (or something to be sold at Rhondas) you should hear back via email within 24 hours on school days.

Service Event Planning Form - complete only the top portion, giving the board the Direction for your project. You’ll hear back from us within 7 days. Probably sooner, so that you can meet with our group, we meet on Tuesdays at lunch in room 181.

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