About the Board

CSB 2015-16
Class of 2017
Anna Blanks
Rebecca Brandes
Connor-Mack Harrison
Lynn Johnson
Gabby Phillips
Chandler Presson
Andrew Williams

Class of 2018
Chaz Crosby*
Katherine Gring*
Jessica Long-Perkins
Mary Pruden*
Ally Tannenbaum
RuthAnne Winston
Ashley Zucker*

Class of 2019
Isabella Bredwell*
Remy Fleischman*
Claire Goodson*
Charlotte Jones*
Anthony Peay*
Sam Tabet*
Nick Zullo*

*Denotes new members

Student Members of the Community Service Board (CSB): students will be chosen by a committee of Faculty Members in May for the following school year.  Interested students must submit an application and sit for an interview with members of the faculty committee. This board will be led by Mr. Pruden, Director of Civic Engagement. 

Service Hours: Because this is an officer position, you will not get hours for the meetings, mentoring, or evaluations. You WILL get hours for the work you do on the day of the event to help it succeed.

Expected Co-Curricular and Athletic Commitments: You need to evaluate your commitments in a way that will allow you to wholly fulfill responsibilities that go with being a board member.

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