Club Projects are run by club leadership. Individual project gets assigned a mentor from the CSB who will guide them through finding Direction, Alignment, Commitment for success through steps we have created for service projects.

Communication: Service and Organizing projects is really about getting the message out.  It is the best way to create student leaders.  Communication is Key.  At the end of the monthly meeting CSB reports back to students whose projects have been accepted or denied (with helpful suggestions for future), and starts working with those students. They also work to effectively present ideas in morning meeting with a planned announcement, guest speaker, or video (with coordination with Fine Arts Dept and Technology).

Logistics: Working with campus maintenance and facilities to support project as needed.

Evaluation: Within a week after the project, the CSB mentor and Project Chair will write up what went well, what they liked and then get ready for next year, including a wish list for how the event could be better. This empowers and prepares them for the next year.  All project files are in one folder, labeled CSB shared by Board and Mentors.

Together, our mentors and service leaders Change their World!

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