Club and Service Leaders Toolkit

  • Our annual listing of clubs. Completing this form signifies your plan to be a club for this school year. Clubs will be evaluated in May for approval. You will need to have documented meetings and an official roster.
  • Sign up for Meeting Times. By signing up, you will ensure that others know your club is meeting.
  • Event Planning Form - reserve a date for events, complete a copy and share this file with
  • Bake Sale Planning Form - reserve a date for events, complete a copy and share this file with
  • Meeting Agenda Template
  • Blank Sign Up Sheet
  • Theatre Set Up Form - get Mr. Billerman to approve your announcement and then fill this out and email it to Copy and we'll put you on the calendar, too!
  • Social Media Guidelines - copy and paste if you are going to make an account for your club
  • FundRaising Ideas - from Sign Up Genius and Pinterest and Juniata College 
  • Finance Issues:
    • Keep all receipts to pay back for any costs incurred
    • Make a copy of this file to keep track of cash in and cash out
    • Deposit to the Ravenscroft Activities Budget (code#TBD) or make online donation with records mentioned in #2
  • Service Hours - keep a Google Doc to register hours worked. Link this to your DAC form, whether it is a Bake Sale or an Event. When completed, email CSB and the hours will be registered in Veracross.
  • Service Hours for Bake Sales
    • 1 hour of community service for homemade goods
    • 30 minutes for store-bought items
    • =Up to 2 hours maximum for items donated
  • Service Hours for Bringing in Donations (like books or clothes)
    • We're really asking, "how long did it take you to find and bag up and bring these items?"
    • 1 hour of community service for a bag full of items
    • 30 minutes for half bags, several items
    • =Up to 2 hours maximum for items donated for a single event

These tools will provide commonly shared elements for leadership:
  • Direction
    Goal and game plan, what are we trying to accomplish through the project?
  • Alignment
    Roles, responsibilities and resources - who is playing what role, what are their responsibilities?
  • Commitment
    Sparking and tending the energy required for success!

Changing our World as student leaders, we need to ask these questions about service at Ravenscroft. 
  • When planning an activity think how your student led activity can have a valuable impact on our world.
  • How can you have this impact? 
Fund Raising is always helpful, but also think about using your time and talents to make the world a better place.

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