Community Service Recording

In following with the Lead from Here efforts encouraging a service mindset, students will be reflective about service with their advisory to share and encourage others. 

Here is our new process for recording service hours in the Upper School!

1. Take this Community Service form with you to serve and have your sponsor sign it. 
  • If you volunteer with the same organization on a continual basis, you can use one form to list many activities. Example: You serve as a Miracle League Buddy each Saturday for 1 hour, Total hours - 12 (Aug. Sept. Oct.) List out those dates, and then get it signed, and that one form takes the place of 12 forms.
  • If you are serving with a Ravenscroft group like Amazing Race Buddies, Key Club, or at Fall Roundup, the hours may be recorded in Veracross or the Faculty Sponsor will email you a spreadsheet/list of hours per event. That will count as proof of your service hours to record in the summary file.
  • Summer Hours turned in through 9/1/15 have been recorded by Mrs. Velk into your Veracross. You can print those out or refer to that page when entering your spreadsheet.
2. Make a copy and record those hours in this summary file, which is located in your Advisor's Dashboard.

3. File your Community Service form in the office by graduation year and then advisor.

4. Your Advisor will look at the Community Service Summary File in the dashboard, listing independent service and group service in Veracross hours together, to discuss them with you at a Pre-Conference Advisory discussion. Your Community Service forms will remain the office through graduation. Old Veracross entries will also remain online through graduation for referral. You may need to access both of these documents to keep track of your service hours through graduation.

5. If you are interested in the Presidential Service Award, keep track of your hours for school year AND for calendar year and read more here.

5. Change your World!

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