Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our First Year and Looking Forward!

We feel like we have achieved many of the goals of the program in our introductory year.

We have streamlined the process of organizing a service event and have offered support and brainstorming for new events through mentoring.

We have started an Upper School Activities Calendar to avoid conflicts, and also the website that is on your home screen and visited 200+ times a day to help everyone be aware of events. We think this will be a very important resource in the coming years with the schedule change.

If you’re passionate about service and committed to making an impact through leadership with the Community Service Board at Ravenscroft, complete this the application for the 2015-16 school year. Return it to Mr. Pruden in the History Hallway by May 1.

Each member has a role, and these roles include:
Mentor, Chairperson, Evaluator, Secretary/Treasurer, Webmaster and Social Media coordinator, Scheduling Coordinators to work with calendars for bake sales and other events, and Public Speakers