Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Roundup - Sat., Sept. 27 from 12-6 PM

This spreadsheet is now our master list for Fall Roundup. Sign up here, or delete your name if you're unable to serve.

Tips for working the booths:
  • Sign in and out at Information Booth - you don't have to sign for each shift, just when you arrive to work, through the time you stop working. You'll also get a nametag created from the Master Spreadsheet.
  • Service with a smile! - we're there to serve the school community, make every student and parent feel welcome
  • Rules: Follow the rules for your booth, collect the correct number of tickets, and require players to be safe!
  • Wristbands:  Children with Wristbands can do an unlimited number of games, but must go to the back of the line after each “turn.”  When giving prize tickets, only collect the # of tickets earned on each time (don't over-give).
  • Faculty: If you have any questions on Saturday, see Mrs. Lieberman, Ms. Moore, Dr. Nunalee, Mr. League, and Mr. Kielty. They are there to help!


Your CSB has been meeting almost every Tuesday in room 278 to set the framework for service success at Ravenscroft. We have been putting events on the calendar and meeting with groups to help them implement the best service activities ever!